Juicing; trend or truth?

By on September 17, 2016



A new healthy eating trend pops out at us on our way to work pretty much every single morning. Add daily  browsing through the Internet and social media and one can easily loose his way navigating through the jungle of healthy options, making themselves readily available for grab. Staying healthy has never been more accessible and never more complex at the same time. When did it become so difficult to stay healthy?

No matter what your diet might look like, there’s one certain truth. We all need good amounts of fruits and vegetables to get ourselves through and we need to accept it. The old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” has never been far off. However, the benefits of a simple fruit might have been forgotten or overshadowed by other superfoods and superfood super super mixes. We need to rebuild our plate and go back to basics. A plant based diet does not need to sound horrific and unachievable if we think about it with an open mind and make plants the pillar of our own food pyramid.

But is the current trend of sipping on cold pressed juices really the way to go? Juicing; trend or truth? With our guide to take your health to the next level, I’ll answer just that and help you easily regain the lost control over what you put on your plate – willingly or unknowingly.

Start right where you’re at now. Add to- and subtract from there to develop an eating habit that works for you. Forget the standard (American) food pyramid where the suggested basis of your diet are grains. While gluten free grains such as wild rice and grain-like seeds such as quinoa and buckwheat are an important source of fiber and healthy carbohydrates, without the proper support overeating these will put a strain on your digestive system. Digestion of these takes a longer time especially when paired with heavy foods. To ease the digestion and still feel full (the good kind of full), pair them with leafy greens, other vegetables and a piece of avocado, which is a very neutral food and an excellent source of healthy fats. Bottom line: add vegetables, subtract processed grains (yes, the morning whole grain toast included).
Juicing is one of my favourite ways to add those veggies into our diets. Especially when we are talking about organic cold pressed juices. It’s not just a trend that’s slowly but surely finding its way to the market. More and more studies are being conducted to prove the inevitable benefits of cold pressed juices. The very obvious is the straight shot of vitamins and minerals into your system. Cold pressing is a method where fresh organic produce is pressed by hydraulic press, rather than forcefully cut by traditional rotary juicers. This ensures maximum vitamins and minerals are extracted from the fruit, vegetables and even roots. If you compare the residue left behind by a cold pressing machine, which looks and feels like sawdust to the often still wet and rough residue of your regular juicing machine, the picture is suddenly very clear – more nutrients. And because the cold pressing machine does not create heat and the juice is bottled immediately, there is no space for the vitamin destroying oxidation. Remember the brown foam that forms on the top of your apple carrot juice from your local juice shop? That’s your juice going rancid as a direct effect of oxidisation.
Yes, you need fiber every single day. Cold pressing fruits and vegetables leaves behind their fibers in the residue. Cold pressed juices provide some fiber, but unless you’re on a juice detox cleanse, do not replace a meal. It should be considered an addition to your diet, to give you a great boost of essential vitamins. Particularly from vegetables. When you decide to add juices to your diet, keep in mind to choose the juices with a good balance between vegetables and fruit, as too much fruit without their fibers have a strong impact on your blood sugar.

Further, drinking juices helps to balance your digestion system so that it can process the meal properly and without unnecessary strain imposed on it. Drinking a big glass of green cold pressed juice before a meal will help to speed up the digestion of whatever comes in after. Juice, as it contains little fiber, can also be drank with- and after a meal in moderation. Why am I mentioning this? Sometimes, people like to eat their fruits after a heavy meal thinking it will improve the digestion of a heavy meal. This could not be further from the truth. The fiber and acidic fruits will actually cause fermentation in your intestines and result in uncomfortable gas and bloating and slow down the digestion process. 

Let’s sum up the benefits. By adding cold pressed juices to your diet you:

Actively support the flora of your digestive system

Fight inflammation by supplying anti-inflammatory agents from herbs and spices

Provide antioxidants to your body that help to slow aging process

Fight free radicals that are wracking your body

Support your immune system

Run your body on readily available energy that does not get stored as fat

Relax the blood vessels, which makes it a way for better blood circulation and reduces stress on your heart

The list of benefits is long, but I think the most important of them all is how clean organic juices make you feel overall. It is the feeling of satisfaction from doing something good for yourself, feeling healthy, balanced and clean, which loops back to being in a good mood and shining from within.

If you’re interested in adding juices to your diet, our favourties in Amsterdam come from Juice Brothers and The Cold Pressed Juicery. In London, we’re a regular customer at CPress and The Good Life Eatery. For our New York readers, it’s worth paying a visit to Melvin’s Juice Box and Juice Press.







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