Check out Mewinspirator Nina’s amazing tips to beat those winter blues in sunny Seville.


MyWinspirator Tara shares all her top tips to make sure she can explore the world, enjoy new countries and experience amazing adventures, whilst still rocking her London City job.


Travelling far and often isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the passionate globetrotters among us will admit that there’s one downside to our wanderlust – the endless flight before you arrive at your next dream destination and subsequent effects on your body in-flight and upon arrival. But at MyWinspiration we’re not going to let this keep us from exploring the world’s treasures, seeking new adventures, soaking up the sun, learning from other cultures, meeting new people, enjoying foreign cuisine, and creating memories to last a lifetime. If you couldn’t tell already, I enjoy travelling… Time to understand the effects long flights and cabin pressure have on our bodies and, most importantly, what we can do to minimise their impact.


A week is sometimes all you need to recharge and satisfy your wanderlust. So, with the summer holiday another few months away, I can highly recommend this amazing trip to Morocco to soak up some vitamin D and be marveled by the beautiful culture and nature Marrakesh and its surroundings have to offer


Where my air miles balance really rocketed, and air bags under my eyes subsequently took spectacular proportions, was at the time I was fortunate enough to travel on business globally. LA, New York, Dubai – you name it. You can imagine I experienced the multiple ‘somebody pinch me’ moments on these trips. I mean, how often are you given the privilege and opportunity to visit these places, for work nonetheless?! Determined to make the very most of every trip, I wouldn’t let anything stop me and decided that jetlag is just a state of mind. Boy oh boy was I wrong!